Betterlight Fine Art Scanning
Better Light High Resolution Scanning.

Better Light, Inc. scanning back cameras, were developed to allow professional photographers, museums and art repro companies to produce exceptional high-resolution digital images.


Better Light scan backs  have long been used for scanning art at a level of image quality that is far greater than  most digital cameras.  The 6000E-HS scan back utilizes pure red, green and blue pixel data to produce up to 144 megapixels of data, 6000 x 8000 X 3 colors, with no interpolation data, digital artifacts, or moiré patterns.


We use Philips MasterColor 4000k ceramic metal halide lighting with a 96 Color Rending Index. Polarizing Gels an Lens Polarizing Filters are also available to reduce glare and reflections in art with texture like oil paintings.


Fine Art Scan / Originals 36x40 and Smaller   $75.00

Fine Art Scan / Originals Larger than 36x40    $150.00

Art to be scanned can be mailed to or dropped off at:

Tracy Webb

Jim Gray Gallery

670 Glades Road

Gatlinburg, TN 37738